ALAJEEB antiseptic disinfectant


Purpose of use

Sterilizer and antiseptic is a non-toxic liquid that has many uses such as medical care, personal hygiene, household use

How to use

  • Medical use: For wounds, scratches, bruises and insect bites, wash the affected area with diluted solution, add amount of ALAJEEB cover to 250 ml of water and cover with a dry gauze
  • Births: The amount of cover is added to 500 ml of water for external cleansing
  • Household uses
    • Laundry: Add the amount of one cover to 500 ml of water for washing sheets, blankets and white fabrics
    • Floors and the surfaces: Add the amount of two covers to the water and rinse the surfaces carefully


4.85% Chloroxylenol, pine oil, caramel, castor oil, deionized water